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Light And Shadow - Cover (Front)

Subtitle as noted on the cover back: Demos And Alternate Recordings.

A relatively new studio bootleg LP with demos from the First And Last And Always era that has not only been sold in online auctions, but also along online record stores and even amazon.

Release Notes

  • Label: ‎Swingshift Records UK
  • Catalogue# and run-outs: Mercy 2
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 10 Feb 2017 (USA)


  • Good sound quality. Swingshift Records are known to reissue former releases of old demos from a variety of bands.
  • The record was initially sold as "1984 Studio Demos With Alternate Lyrics & Arrangements", which most likely refers to the Strawberry Sessions 1984.
  • According to sellers' notes in online auctions, the bootleg was manufactured in the UK
- and then obviously delivered as a "RARE IMPORT FAN CLUB ISSUE" to and from the US

Old Wooden Church - b/w print

  • The coverart on the front side gives the bandname and the album title in red capital letters and shows
a slightly cut and modified b/w print of an old wooden church.
The picture, that was originally taken as a colour photo by Latvian photographer Andrejs Pidjass (Nejron)
was used in 2012 for the front and back cover of the psycho thriller Redemeption by Troy Lambert.
Old Wooden Church - colour photo
  • The backcover looks plain black and notes:
"DEMOS AND ALTERNATE RECORDINGS", then the tracklist and below the label "SWINGSHIFT RECORDS".

At least two editions of a different vinyl colour are known to exist.

  • The vinyls of the first edition are black and run at 33 rpm.
  • They have black labels with golden-coloured print repeating the cross motive from the cover
and give the bandname, the album title, the side mark and the tracks on that side.
  • Allegedly, this is a limited edition of 500 copies, although there is no numbering neither on the cover,
nor on the labels. Insofar there is also no proof of the actual number of copies.
  • The first copies of this issue were offered as "180 GRAM BLACK VINYL LP IMPORT RECORDS".
We do not know, whether this refers to an initial edition consisting of a low number of copies,
that were pressed on higher-quality vinyl, or to all black-vinyl issues.

Light And Shadow - Label of the test pressing

  • The second edition surfaced a few months after the first
one and is also a limited edition, but of 100 copies, only.
  • The record is pressed on dark red marbled vinyl, but the colour of some copies
is so dark that it appears like almost dark purple.
  • Apart from the colour of the vinyl, the colour of the label print does also differ from the first edition.
It is grey or silver instead of golden, while the information and its layout including the cross motive are identical.
The labels of this edition look somewhat sloppily printed, though.

Test Pressing

  • A test pressing did also appear. It has the same cover as the final release and is pressed on black vinyl,
  • The labels are plain white, though, with handwritten information on them (see the picture on the left),
giving the catalogue#, the side marker and the date of its manufacture: 11/21/16


Track List

Side A

Track                                                             Additional notes                                       Alternative titel on other releases                    
A1   First And Last And Always (MARIAN LYRICS) Red Skies Disappear
A2   Black Planet (DANCE ON GLASS LYRICS) Dance On Glass
A3   Garden Of Delight (ELDRITCH VOCALS)
A4   Knockin' On Heaven's Door
A5   Serpent's Kiss

Side B

B1   Emma
B2   A Rock And A Hard Place
B3   No Time To Cry
B4   First And Last And Always
B5   Walk Away

For recent price developments see popsike/light and shadow.

Additional Pictures

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Light And Shadow - First Edition (overview) with black vinyl (Side A)
Light And Shadow - Cover (Back)
Light And Shadow - Black Vinyl (Side A)
Light And Shadow - First Edition
- Black vinyl - Label (Side A)
Light And Shadow - First Edition
- Black vinyl - Label (Side B)
Test Pressing Cover (front)
Test Pressing Cover (back)
Light And Shadow - First Edition
- Dark red splattered vinyl - Label (Side B)
Light And Shadow - Second Edition
- Dark purple splattered vinyl (Side A)
Light And Shadow - Second Edition Splattered Dark Red Vinyl with Cover (front)
Light And Shadow - Second Edition with Dark Red Vinyl (overview)
Light And Shadow - Second Edition
- Dark red splattered vinyl (Side B)
Light And Shadow - Splattered red vinyl held against the light