Sisters Of Mercy Story Vol 2 (flexi)

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Sisters Of Mercy Story Vol. 2 - Flexi Box (front)

A second box set of Polish Art Postcard Flexis, this time exclusively with flower motives.

For Vol. 1 of these box sets see Sisters Of Mercy Story Vol 1 (flexi).

Release Notes

  • Label: POP Records
  • Catalogue#: none
  • Format: 5" flexi-disc in postcard format
  • Country: Poland
  • Released: unknown, most likely in the early 1990s


  • Box set of 11 postcards with different flower motives of similar design.
  • It is not known whether the postcards included in this set were also sold individually.
  • The flexis are recorded only on one side.
  • The recordings are in mono and plays at 33 ⅓ rpm,

Sisters Of Mercy Story Vol. 2 - Flexis (overview)


Sisters Of Mercy Story Vol. 2 - Flexi Box (back)
Flexi# Track
   1-A Marianne
   2-A Adrenochrome
   3-A Burn
   4-A Under The Gun
   5-A Black Planet
   6-A Lights
   7-A Alice
   8-A Logic
   9-A Gimme Shelter
  10-A Dr. Jeep
  11-A               Something Fast

Additional Pictures

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Postcard I - Marian
Postcard II - Adrenochrome
Postcard III - Burn
Postcard IV - Under The Gun
Postcard I (back)
Postcard II (back)
Postcard III (back)
Postcard IV (back)
Postcard V - Black Planet
Postcard VI - Lights
Postcard VIII - Amphetamine Logic
Postcard IX - Gimme Shelter
Postcard V (back)
Postcard VI (back)
Postcard VIII (back)
Postcard IX (back)
Postcard X - Doctor Jeep
Postcard XI - Something Fast
Postcard VII - Alice
Postcard X (back)
Postcard XI (back)
Postcard VII (back)