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Early Demo Tape
Songs Of Leonard Cohen

Originally written by Leonard Cohen, Teachers was first released

on his album Songs Of Leonard Cohen.

The song has been covered by The Sisters of Mercy from as early as 1981.

Since then, it has often been part of their live performances, at first in

combination with Adrenochrome.

This version is also on The Sisters' early demo tapes and on countless

bootlegs like the Floorshow EP, Black Planet, Rare Obscurities, Green Eldritch, Before The Flood,

Ultra Rare Trax and many more.

Later, from 1993 on, Teachers became a part of the well-known medley On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire ...


I met a man who lost his mind

In some lost place I had to find
Teachers / Adrenochrome (Demo Tape 1981)

Follow me the wise man said
But he walked behind

I walked into a hospital
Where none were sick and none was well,
When at night the Sisters left
I could not walk at all.

Some girls wander by mistake
Into the mess that scalpals make.
Are you the teachers of my heart
We teach old hearts to break.

I met a woman long ago
Her hair the black the black can go
Are you the teacher of the heart?
Soft she whispered, no

On The Wire / Teachers (live @The Forum London February 1998)

I met a girl across the sea,
Her hair the gold that gold could be.
Are you the teacher of the heart?
Yes, but not for thee.

I spent my hatred every place,
On every work, on every face
Is my passion perfect,
No! Do it once again.

Oh teachers are my lessons done?
I cannot do another one,
They laughed and laughed and laughed and said,
Child are your lessons done?

I was handsome, I was strong,
I knew the words of every song
Did my singing please you?
No, the words you sang were wrong

Words & Lyrics: Leonard Cohen
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.


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