The WEA Mixes 1985

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This bootleg CD contains alternative mixes for First And Last And Always album tracks.

The WEA Mixes 1985 - Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Label: White Label Recordings (WLR)
  • Catalogue#: WLSMR WEA1
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 2004


  • Allegedly Made In England
  • Supposedly limited to 50 copies for private use only
depicting Dante and Virgil on Hell's Ninth level by Gustave Doré.
  • Another engraving by Gustave Doré for the same book forms the basis for
the cover art of The Sisters of Mercy's Body And Soul single.

Cover Notes

The Sisters of Mercy are:

Andrew Eldritch: Lead Vocals

Gary Marx: Guitars/Backing Vocals

Wayne Hussey: Guitars/Backing Vocals

Craig Adams: Bass/Backing Vocals

Doctor Avalance: Drums

(p) 1985 the Sisters of Mercy (c) 2004 WLR (artwork only) all rights reserved

These tracks originate from the recently resurfaced two WEA in-house tapes & on 4 track promotional tape.

Of the first tape, the first four tracks are previously released on the "Last Magician" label & are also known

as the 'Mack' mixes. All tracks differ to a certain degree with the subsequent releases.

(C) 2004 WLR Studios - remastering & artwork concepting.

All tracks come from WEA In-House Tapes.

Track List

The WEA Mixes 1985 - CD Front Inlay (inside)
  1. No Time To Cry (Mack Mix)
  2. First And Last And Always (Mack Mix)
  3. Walk Away (Mack Mix)
  4. A Rock And A Hard Place (Mack Mix)
  5. Walk Away (Eldritch Mix)
  6. A Rock And A Hard Place (Eldritch Mix)
  7. A Rock And A Hard Place (Eldritch Mix)
  8. First And Last And Always
  9. No Time To Cry
  10. A Rock And A Hard Place
  11. Marian
  12. No Time To Cry (edited)
  13. No Time To Cry (unedited)
  14. Black Planet (2nd Mix)
  15. First And Last And Always
  16. Black Planet (3rd Mix)
  17. Black Planet (4th Mix)

Greek Bootleg-CD

Recently a Greek bootleg-CD based on the above bootleg has surfaced.

We do know nothing about the quality of that recording or about the CD used therefor.

However, here's a picture of it:

The WEA Mixes 1985 - Greek Bootleg CD (cover)