Body And Soul (single)

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Body And Soul - Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • 7" Merciful Release MR 029
  • 12" Merciful Release MR 029T
  • Released on Monday 4th June 1984
  • Run out groove inscription: "for spiggy+alan vega"


  • This was the first Sisters single released under a distribution contract with WEA.
  • The cover art is based on an engraving by Gustave Doré
    from Dante's Inferno depicting Dante and Virgil on Hell's Ninth level.
  • There is a German 1990 re-press with the cover in white-on-black.
  • Specifications for running times differ (see pictures of labels below)
  • For a view of all the individual releases (including pictures), please go to ultimatesistersguide/Body And Soul


Body And Soul - German re-issue with white cover art

7" single

A   Body And Soul              3:34
B   Train 2:36 / 3:33

12" EP

A1   Body And Soul             3:34
A2   Body Electric 4:38
B1   Train 2:36 / 3:33
B2   Afterhours                    7:25 / 4:36

Band/Recording Personnel

Craig Adams Bass
Gary Marx Guitars
Wayne Hussey Guitars
Andrew Eldritch Vocals
Doktor Avalanche                 Drums

Additional Pictures

Obviously, the specifications for running times differ with various releases. In addition the first releases don't give any track times at all, except for the German ones...

Please click into pictures for larger views.

12" original release side A
12" German release side A
12" 1st re-issue side A
12" 2nd re-issue side B
12" Canadian release side B