Thu, 05-Aug-2010

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Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium

The second gig of the Summer 2010 Tour took place during the Lokerse Feesten Week in Belgium.

Other acts on that day included the Customs (Belgium), the Gang of Four and The Dandy Warhols.

Several audience audio and video recordings from this gig are in circulation among the fanbase,

see for example Lokerse Feesten 2010, Lokerse Feesten 2010 (Multicam DVD), Sisters From Heaven

or Duvel Thing ...

Photos, links to vids and current discussions of the event can be found

on Heartland Forum from about here on.


The Sisters of Mercy live @Lokerse Feesten 2010


Lokerse Feesten 2010 - Wristband                       * thanks for this to dtsom