Thu, 16-May-1985

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The Sisters of Mercy - No Time To Cry
- Live at Vikateatret, Oslo, Norway on 16 May 1985

Vikateatret, Oslo, Norway

The Sisters of Mercy's first gig ever in Norway and the second of three concerts in Northern Europe,
they played during the Armageddon Tour in 1985.

That was the last tour of The Sisters of Mercy in their First And Last And Always line-up, and here in Oslo - like for a while already -, they performed as a three-piece act only as Gary Marx had left the band at the end of the Tune In ... Turn On... Burn Out... Tour half a month before.

The concert itself does not seem to have been all that pleasurable for the band as one might gather from the Rain from Haven - Oslo 16th May 1985 entry in the I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan Sisters History blog.

A further impression can also be gathered from the still video here on the right side, which features No Time To Cry as played at Vikateatret and was thankfully uploaded to YouTube by SpiggyTapes.

An audience recording from this gig does exist and is in circualtion among the fanbase. That recording is, however, incomplete (an issue discussed in the above mentioned blogspot entry as well).


- probably incomplete -