Walk Away 12" Promo (US-Testpressing)

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Walk Away - ELEKTRA Promo (Label Side A)
Walk Away - ELEKTRA Promo (overview)

A 12" vinyl test pressing for the

12" Walk Away ELEKTRA promo.

Production Notes

  • Catalogue#: ST-ED-5061
  • Mix#: STEDA-3
  • Manufactured by Specialty Records Corporation
  • Released: 1985


  • There is only one track on the A-side of this record, while Side B is unrecorded.
  • The record comes in a plain white sleeve
without any cover.

Track List

Side A                 Walk Away                  Dif Mix                     3:23

Additional Notes

is also known to exist. Beyond that, the 12" Walk Away ELEKTRA promo has noted "Vocal / LP Version" and a track time of "3:20" on its label.
  • The latter information is what was given by the seller of this test pressing and has not been confirmed through listening!
  • It should be noted, however, that the present test pressing and the promo, it refers to, have both nothing to do with the
regular 12" Walk Away maxi single, which has Poison Door and On The Wire on side b.