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Adam Pearson live on stage with The Sisters of Mercy
most likely during a performance of We Are The Same, Susanne

Adam Pearson was in the Leeds band 3000 Revs, who had toured Europe with

The Mission as part of the latter's World Crusade tour of 1986-87

Soon afterwards, the band split up over musical and personal differences; Adam went on

to form the bands "Hearts On Fire" and "Loose" in Leeds, as well as playing and touring

with the late Johnny Thunders and Red Lorry Yellow Lorry.

In early 1993, he was persuaded by workers at The Reptile House to submit a demo tape

to Andrew Eldritch, who was impressed enough to give him a job as Sisters guitarist

and bassist alongside Andreas Bruhn.

Adam Pearson's recording debut with The Sisters of Mercy was on Under The Gun.

His first live appearance with the band was on 10 July 1993 at Leysin Rock Festival.

He'd been with The Sisters of Mercy for more than 10 years until he dropped out

after the 2005 tour to become a member of the legendary MC5.

During his time with The Sisters of Mercy, Adam Pearson wrote the music

to a number of unreleased songs, such as:

There is a discography of Adam Pearson @discogs...