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Adult Movies - Cover (front)
Adult Movies - Cover (front)
with vinyls (Side A) and track list sheet
Adult Movies - Cover (back)
with vinyls (Side B) and track list sheet

A 2LP bootleg featuring excerpts from

various live recordings of famous Sisters

shows in 1984 and 1985.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: TMQ 72113
  • Format: 2x 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: in the late 80ies


  • The cover back shows the usual large
TOQ Logo and gives no information
about the tracks or the release.
  • The labels of record one are blue;
while those of record two are white
(see the pictures down below).

  • The bootleg includes an insert detailing the tracks and various other TOQ releases.
  • Additional notes on the insert are:
"Record one was recorded in Germany in 1984 and
record two was recorded in Rome, May 5, 1985."
The latter date is wrong. That concert took place on May 2, 1985.


For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Adult Movies and popsike/adultmovies

Track Lists

Record One
Side One Duration Side Two Duration
 1.  Heartland    4:20                                                             6.  Anaconda    3:19
 2.  Marian    5:45   7.  Train    2:39
 3.  Walk Away    3:49   8.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door                             5:10
 4.  Body And Soul    3:43   9.  Sister Ray    4:50
 5.  No Time To Cry                                               4:14  10.  Louie Louie    6:24

Record Two
Side Three Duration Side Four Duration
 1.  First And Last And Always                               4:02                                                            6.  A Rock And A Hard Place    3:13
 2.  Train    2:44   7.  Floorshow    3:51
 3.  Marian    5:05   8.  Alice    3:34
 4.  No Time To Cry    4:01   9.  Gimme Shelter    6:09
 5.  Emma    6:00  10.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door                              6:18

Additional Pictures

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Adult Movies - Record One Label Side One
Adult Movies - Record One Label Side Two
Adult Movies - Insert (snippet)
Adult Movies - Record Two Label Side Three
Adult Movies - Record Two Label Side Four
Adult Movies - Cover (back)