Black Planet (video)

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The Sisters of Mercy with their new Oberheim DMXX in front of the Monkeymobile

Eldritch, the Monkeymobile and an open highway (101?)...

Wayne Hussey and Craig Adams are asleep in the car for most of the video,

and there's no sign of Gary Marx at all, since he had left the band shortly before the shooting of the video.

Prophetic or just plain strange? Anyway, this promotional video for The Sisters of Mercy's first record-company

released long player First And Last And Always features the song Black Planet.

A lot more information on the shooting of this video including many photos from the video set are available

on the according website of producer Robert Webb.

A choice selection of stills

Vid planet1.jpg
The Sisters of Mercy - Black Planet'
Vid planet2.jpg Vid planet3.jpg
Vid planet4.jpg Vid planet5.jpg
Vid planet6.jpg Vid planet7.jpg

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