Dead Flowers

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Dead Flowers - Cover (front)

One of the many boolegs containing part of the Radio One Sessions

and two songs from Paradiso, Amsterdam 1983

Recording Notes

  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Catalogue#: TAKRL 2192
  • Released: - unknown -


  • Limited edition of 100 copies
  • Red limited-edition stamp on the back
  • Cover consists merely of a green xerox of a drawing.
The same picture was used before for the bootleg Live At Brixton Ace.
The drawing shows the painting Two Girls by Bulgarian expressionist painter Jules Pascin,
who is also known as "The Prince of Montparnasse"
  • Some copies come with an insert sheet.
  • Tracks B4 + B5 wrongly credited to Peel Sessions 1984


* Tracks A1 - A4:    John Peel Session 7th September 1982
* Tracks A5 + A6:    Kid Jensen Session 11th April 1983
* Tracks B1 - B3: John Peel Session 11th July 1984
* Tracks B4 + B5: recorded live on August 28, 1983 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam/NL

Track List

Side A

  • 1969
    Dead Flowers - Cover with vinyl (picture taken from

Side B

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Additional Pictures

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Dead Flowers - Cover (back)
Dead Flowers - Label Side A
Dead Flowers - Label Side B