Out Through The Poison Door

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Out Through The Poison Door Cover Front

Another bootleg LP with some Radio One Sessions and a few exerpts from Paradiso, Amsterdam 1983,

consiting of entirely the same recordings as Psychedelic Sessions in its varieties as well as Dead Flowers ...

Recording Notes

  • Format: Vinyl LP
  • Released in 1987
  • Limited edition of 150 copies
  • Simple white cover with a picture glued on it
  • Insert with the track listing
  • Tracks B4 + B5 wrongly credited to Peel Sessions 1984


* Tracks A1 - A4:    John Peel Session 7th September 1982
* Tracks A5 + A6:    Kid Jensen Session 11th April 1983
* Tracks B1 - B3: John Peel Session 11th July 1984
* Tracks B4 + B5: recorded live on August 28, 1983 at the Paradiso in Amsterdam/NL

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Out Through The Poison Door.

Track List

Out Through The Poison Door - Insert
Side A Side B
A1 - 1969 B1 - Poison Door
A2 - Floorshow B2 - No Time To Cry
A3 - Good Things                         B3 - Emma
A4 - Alice B4 - Gimme Shelter
A5 - Jolene B5 - Adrenochrome
A6 - Burn

  • A1 - cover of original by The Stooges
  • A5 - cover of original by Dolly Parton
  • B3 - cover of original by Errol Brown , Tony Wilson
  • B4 - cover of original by Jagger, Richards

  • Mistakes on the cover:
B4 - Gimme Shelter GIMMIE SHELTER
B5 - Adrenochrome SISTERS OF MERCY


  • Voice - Andrew Eldritch
  • Bass - Craig Adams
  • Guitars - Gary Marx, Wayne Hussey

Additional Pictures

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Out Through The Poison Door - Label Side A
Out Through The Poison Door - Label Side B
  • thanks for those to Heartland member peggen