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A 12" vinyl bootleg LP with mostly demos and one live track.

Demos - LP Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Label: Darkness Records
  • Catalogue#: som 17987 / DARK 01
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1987


  • Limited hand-numbered editon of 500 copies, all on black vinyl.
The hand-numbering ... / 500 appears on the back of the cover
as well as on both of the labels.
  • Unnumbered vinyls do, however, exist as well.
  • For the cover and the labels, both of which are kept in black and white, a Gothic font is used.
Demos - LP Cover (back)
  • Inside a rectangle in the centre sized about two thirds of the format, the cover front shows
a b/w print with a stage photo of Andrew Eldritch tendrilled with thorny vines, above that
the band name and below the bootleg title "Demos",

  • The cover back has a column in the second quarter of the format with a similar vine motive
in the top part that is twined around the names of the band members in the following order:
- Craig Adams -
- Andrew Eldritch -
- Wayne Hussey -
- Gary Marx -
  • Below this ornament are the track lists of both sides of the vinyl and further information on the release.
The same information can be found on the labels. The latter do, however, also give a catalogue#: 17987.

Back Cover & Label Notes

written  &  produced
by  andrew  eldritch
DARK 01, dec.1985
lim.  edition .../500

Track List

Side A

  Track / Song   Cover & Label Notes     Remarks
   A1   afterhours   part II, remix   standard version as on Body And Soul 12" single (b-side)
   A2   first&last&always            diff. lyrics demo   Red Skies Disappear - unreleased demo with First And Last And Always music,   
  Wayne Hussey lyrics and Andrew Eldritch on vocals
   A3   a rush   special disco-mix   A Rock And A Hard Place   
  - alternative studio version from the WEA In-House Tapes 1985  
   A4   garden of delight   andrew eldritch - version         demo version with lyrics and vocals by Andrew Eldritch
   A5   ghostrider   30.05.84   recorded live at Zeche, Bochum, 30 May 1984

Side B

  Track / Song     Cover & Label Notes     Remarks  
   B1   emma   demo - version   
   B2   the corrosion   us - mix   
   B3   dance on glass             demo   unreleased song with Black Planet music and Wayne Hussey lyrics
  - demo version with Andrew Eldritch on vocals
   B4   body electric   john peel session .01.84           standard Body Electric 7" single version - broadcast on January 16th, 1984 by   
  John Peel during the weekly BBC Radio One John Peel Show

Additional Pictures

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Demos - Cover (front) with Vinyl
Demos - Vinyl (Side A)
Demos - Label (Side A)
Demos - Unnumbered Vinyl (Side A)
Demos - Cover (back) with Vinyl in Sleeve
Demos - Vinyl (Side B)
Demos - Label (Side B)
Demos - Label (Side A) Unnumbered