Disguised In Black

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Disguised In Black - LP cover (front)
Disguised In Black - LP Cover (back), 2nd Edition
* The details of the Newcastle gig only have a red dot between
  "Newcastle" and "Tiffany's", which is also hard to detect in this picture...

Tour Dates on back cover of 1st edition
* NOTE: all details about the Newcastle gig are in red print

A vinyl bootleg of The Sisters of Mercy's performance on 13th March 1985 at Tiffany's, Newcastle, UK.

The present 2 LPs give a complete recording of the entire gig with excellent sound quality.

This bootleg was released as a first edition shortly after the actual gig in 1985, and then again in 1991.

Most likely, this vinyl pressing is based on a cassette bootleg from the gig,

see Disguised In Black (cassette) and also discogs/Disguised In Black Cassette.

In 1990, a different label also issued a bootleg CD with almost identical content and most similar artwork.

All Information on that one can be found under Disguised In Black (CD).

Release Notes

  • Label: Dharma Records
  • Catalogue#: DH 19
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinyl LP
  • Time and Place of Release: 1985 & 1991, resp., (Belgium)


  • Released in two editions
  • In addition, the cover of both editions notes:
Armageddon will be held indoors this year: tune in, turn on, burn out !
  • Total running time: 75:01 min.

First edition: Rare variety with red and green labels

Editions and Varieties

  • The first edition highlights the complete lettering for the Newcastle gig on the back cover in red print.
  • It also has the print "The Sisters Of Mercy Disguised In Black Dharma 19" on the spine.
  • The vinyls are black with white Merciful Release logo labels on Side A
and white labels with information on the band and the tracks of each side on Side B.
  • Black vinyls with plain red, plain green and plain white labels have been seen as well.
  • Of this edition, another rare variety with one multi-coloured and one black vinyl does exist as well.
The labels of that one have the Merciful Release logo on Side A and the track and band info on Side B.

  • The second edition has only the dot between the city and the venue,
i.e. between "Newcastle" and "Tiffany's" marked in red print (see the picture top right)
  • The vinyls are black with either white or yellow Merciful Release logo labels on Side A
and track and band info on Side B.

The same concert can also be found on

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs Disguised In Black.

Track List

Record One
Side A Side B
A1   First And Last And Always                         4:04                                                 B1   Possession                                                4:28  
A2   Body And Soul   3:29   B2   Walk Away   3:33  
A3   Train   2:42   B3   Burn   3:10  
A4   Marian   5:31   B4   Emma   6:16  
A5   No Time To Cry   3:51  

Record Two
Side C Side D
C1   Amphetamine Logic   4:00   D1   Gimme Shelter   5:48  
C2   A Rock And A Hard Place                          3:15                                                 D2   Nine While Nine / Ghostrider                       13:18  
C3   Floorshow   4:07  
C4   Alice   3:25  
C5   Body Electric   4:21  

Additional Pictures

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Disguised In Black - 2 vinyl LPs with sleeves
Disguised In Black - White label (first edition)
Disguised In Black - First edition, record one, side B
Disguised In Black - 1 x multi-coloured + 1 x black vinyl (First Edition)
Disguised In Black - 1 x multi-coloured + 1 x black vinyl (First Edition)
Disguised In Black - First Edition,
Multicoloured White Vinyl (Record One, Side A)
Disguised In Black - First Edition,
Multicoloured White Vinyl (Record One, Label Side B)
Disguised In Black - First Edition,
Black Vinyl (Record Two, Label Side D)