Disguised In Black (cassette)

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Disguised In Black - Cover
Disguised In Black - Cover (detail)

A bootleg cassette from the early days...

Cassettes like this one were usually
based on either soundboard recordings
that leaked from the band, or on
audience recordings taken in secret
and with quite an effort during the gigs.

Often, such cassettes would then be
dublicated and traded among the fanbase,
or also serve as the source for later
vinyl bootlegs

Release Notes

  • Label: - none -
  • Catalog#: - none -
  • Format: Cassette (C90)
  • Released: most likely in 1985

Source and Remarks

  • Excellent sound quality, most likely a soundboard recording
  • This cassette is also mentioned @discogs.

The same concert can be found on

Track List

Side A Duration Side B Duration
A1   First And Last And Always                              4:19                                                      B1   Amphetamine Logic   4:30
A2   Body And Soul   3:59 B2   A Rock And A Hard Place                              3:30
A3   Train   2:44 B3   Floorshow   4:07
A4   Marian   5:50 B4   Alice   3:23
A5   No Time To Cry   4:18 B5   Body Electric   4:22
A6   Possession   4:36 B6   Gimme Shelter   6:50
A7   Walk Away   3:41 B7   Nine While Nine / Ghostrider   9:50
A8   Burn   3:29
A9   Emma   6:29