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A 12" vinyl bootleg that contains nine selected songs from the BBC Radio One sessions plus Gimme Shelter recorded at the Paradiso, Amsterdam on 28 August 1983.

Gimme Shelter - 1st Edition Cover (front)
Gimme Shelter - 1st Edition Cover (back)

Release Notes

  • Label: Arkain Filloux
  • Catalogue#:
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 2014 / 2016 (Belgium)
  • Run-outs: Side A/Side B


  • This bootleg was released in three
limited versions, the first two in 2014
and a repress in 2016.
  • A white-label test pressing
does exist as well.

Gimme Shelter - 1st edition with marbled vinyl (overview)
  • The front cover art consists of a composition of a square image of centred hand-drawn like lines.
The picture reminds of the cover art of the Temple Of Love single combined with The Sisters of Mercy's
old head-and-star logo, which overlaps the lines as a negative layer. The vanishing point of the lines is
positioned in the eye of the logo.
  • The back cover art has the song titles horizontally shifted from left to right and back and imbedded
into the same sort of lines as the cover front, though here the lines are drawn in parallel.
  • Back cover notes:
As a headline: BBC SESSIONS
and on the bottom:
  • Although, allegedly manufactured in Belgium all issues were initially delivered from the US.
  • The labels give information on the band name - Sisters of Mercy - omitting the article,
the album title and the track list as well as record side marks and running speed (33 ⅓ rpm).
Remarkably, all this info is not surrounded by the usual publishing infor and copyright wanrnings
but merely by a black printed circular line
Compare some representative sound files of this album with those from other bootlegs here on this site.

Gimme Shelter -
Cover of the 2nd edition (unfolded outside)
Gimme Shelter -
Cover of the 2nd edition (unfolded inside)


  • The first edition released in 2014 consisted of two varieties:
- a limited edition of 500 copies on black 180g vinyl
  with cream white labels.
- a limited edition of 100 copies on white grey marbled 220g vinyl
  with golden-coloured labels. Some - but not all - copies of this
  variety come with a sticker on the cover front saying:
  "Limited Edition of COLORED VINYLS 100 copies"
  • The cover consists of two (front and back) silk-screen printed images
in a grey, almost white colour on a black, glossy generic sleeve.
As a matter of fact, this printing method has the letters and the image
haptically perceivable at a touch.

  • The second edition (2016) is also limited to 500 copies.
  • The vinyls are black. It is not known, however, whether these are also
made of 180g vinyl like the first edition of or the standard ~130g only.
The labels are the same as on the first-edition black vinyls.
  • With this edition, the records come in a wrap-around sleeve,
which can be folded out into a poster.
  • The cover art is the same as with the first edition, though here,
the colour of the print is brown rather than white.
The inside of the cover shows a detail from the front cover art
including the band name at the bottom all printed in a grey tone.

Gimme Shelter - Test pressing - Label (detail)

Test Pressing

  • The test pressing is limited to 8 issues and stored in either the regular cover of the first edition
with a regular white inner sleeve or they come in a generic black die-cut cover.
  • The labels are white and stamped on one side:


For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/Gimme Shelter or popsike/Gimme Shelter.

Gimme Shelter - Test pressing with regular cover (overview)

Track List

Side A Side B
 1.  Good Things  6.  Poison Door
 2.  Floorshow                      7.  Walk Away
 3.  Alice  8.  No Time To Cry
 4.  1969  9.  Emma
 5.  Gimme Shelter 10.  Heartland

Additional Pictures

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Gimme Shelter - Cover with Ltd. Edition Sticker
Gimme Shelter - Ltd. Edition Sticker on Cover (front)
Gimme Shelter
- White marbled vinyl 1st edition (Side A)
Gimme Shelter
- White marbled vinyl 1st edition (Side B)
Gimme Shelter - 2nd edition - Cover (folded)
Gimme Shelter - 2nd edition - Cover (front) with vinyl in standard sleeve
Gimme Shelter - 2nd edition - Unfolded cover (inner side) with vinyl
Gimme Shelter - 2nd edition - Cover (back) with vinyl
Gimme Shelter - 1st edition on black vinyl - Label (Side A)
Gimme Shelter - 1st edition on black vinyl - Label (Side B)