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Merciless - CD cover (front)

Allegedly this bootleg CD release was approved by The Reptile House Ltd.,

i.e. The Sisters' merchandise and information wing. Anyway, it is remarkable

that the catalogue# seems to continue the catalogue#s of the Family Tree 8CD Box Set

Release Notes

  • Label: Wild Angel Records
  • Catalog#: MRCD 9
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1991


  • Recorded By - Peter Z
  • Track 11 - Flood II - is listed as Never Again
  • High sound quality


Merciless - CD cover (back)
Merciless - Disc

Track List

  1.   First And Last And Always
  2.   Lucretia, My Reflection
  3.   Body And Soul
  4.   Ribbons
  5.   Alice
  6.   Dominion/Mother Russia
  7.   Amphetamine Logic
  8.   Detonation Boulevard
  9.   Marian
10.   This Corrosion
11.   Gimme Shelter
12.   Flood II
13.   Temple Of Love
14.   Jolene
15.   Vision Thing

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Additional Pictures

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Merciless - Insight jewel case