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1985 Armageddon Tour Poster.jpg

Formel Eins, Bavaria Studios, Munich (Grünwald), Bavaria, West Germany

During the final Armageddon Tour the remaining members of The Sisters of Mercy's First And Last And Always line-up between the shows
at Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL and Zeche, Bochum, West Germany visisted Bavaria Film Studios for the recording of their first TV-appearance on German TV with the then rather popular music magazin Formel Eins.

Unfortunately, host Ingolf Lück was not exactly well informed claiming that:

Two years ago four young men from England decided that psychedelic rock should not have died, actually. So what did they do? They bought black clothes and a few black sunglasses and formed The Sisters of Mercy. Musics and lyrics to all songs so far have been written and produced by singer Andrew Eldritch. Here are Sisters of Mercy with "No Time To Cry"...

... most of which is of course wrong.

Recording Information

The Sisters of Mercy during their first appearance on German TV performing No Time To Cry @Formel Eins - *** with many thanks to the uploader


allegedly the first modern music show on German TV
  • Season 3 / Episode 15
Bavariafilmplatz 7, Geiselgasteig, Grünwald, Bavaria, West Germany
  • Filming Date: 15 April 1985, aired on 16 April 1985

Band/Performing Personnel


Total duration including introduction: 3:15 min.