Oxford CFE 18-05-84

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Trading Cassette featuring the recording (Inlay)
Cassette Tape featuring the recording from the gig

A live recording from the UK & Europe Spring Tour 1984.

Recording Notes / Remarks

  • The recording on this cassette here is allegedly a soundboard
recording and insofar of relatively good sound quality.
  • There are, however, at least two recordings from this concert:
- the soundboard one available on trading cassettes as pictured
  here, with only a cut version of Emma and
- a second alternative one, recorded from the audience;
  that one does have Emma in full, but comes without Body Electric
  • Apparently, these recordings are also available on CD-r

Anyway, thanks to SpiggyTapes a still video with both versions of Emma
as performed during that gig is available on YT and down here on the right side for a listen ...


Track List

The Sisters of Mercy - Live at Oxford CFE 1984 - Emma - both versions, audience and mixing desk recordings -