Fri, 18-May-1984

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College of Further Education, Oxford, England

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's UK & Europe Spring Tour in 1984,

the first and last concert ever, The Sisters of Mercy played in Oxford town.

A mixing desk and an audience recording of this concert do exist

and are in circulation among the fanbase, see also Oxford CFE 18-05-84.


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NOTE: As a matter of relative likeliness, The Sisters of Mercy's soundcheck on that day might not have included
      these tracks (if there was one at all). No recording of evidence has ever surfaced. On the other hand, the
      idea of a soundcheck as noted here (and elsewhere) could well derive from the fact that these two songs
      were the only songs from this concert that made it onto The Grief bootleg. Debates continue as there is
      no proof to the contrary, either.

      One point that should not be forgotten is, however, that traders of Sisters bootleg cassettes back in the days
      partly tended to add tracks to (or delete tracks from) original and/or audience recordings in order to generate
      "unknown" and "new" trading material, thereby fooling (and milking) fans and collectors for their own personal
      benefit (thus, also causing decade-long irritations). It's been a bad world. And it has not changed to the better
      in any respect ever since. But fortunately, those are in the minority ...

UK Spring Tour Dates - Back of a flyer for the Body And Soul release


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