Psychedelic Sessions 1984

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Psychedelic Sessions 1984 - Detail of a virgin unnumbered sticker. The two editions here differ only with regard to the handwritten numberingin the left lower corner of the front
sticker: ... /300 or ... /350, respectively.
Psychedelic Sessions 1984
- 1st Edition Cover Front
Psychedelic Sessions 1984
- 2nd Edition Cover Front

The first two editions of the Psychedelic Sessions bootleg.

According to the booklet to accompany the never realised

Palazzograssi LP Reverberation Across The Nation, this

was the first 12" bootleg about The Sisters of Mercy

that was ever released.

Release Notes

  • Label: GPA
  • Format: Vinyl LP
  • Released: 1984


  • First edition limited to 300, handnumbered .../300
  • Second edition limited to 50, handnumbered 301 - 350/350
  • Plain white covers with sticker on the front
  • Black vinyls with plain white labels


The cover wrongly notes April 11th as the recording date.

Track List

A1    -    Heartland                   B1    -    1969
A2    -    Jolene B2    -    Floorshow
A3    -    Valentine B3    -    Good Things
A4    -    Burn B4    -    Alice

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Psychedelic Sessions 1984 -Overview of the 1st Edition