Roadkill 1996

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Tour Logo Roadkill 96

The first Sisters Tour after a long break in 1994/1995

Roadkill 1996 took place under the umbrella of various "Helter Skelter Festivals".

The festivals were headlined by The Sisters of Mercy and the re-united Sex Pistols.

H-BLOCK X, Cypress Hill, Dog Eat Dog, Phantoms of Future, CPS,

Shelter and Sun were also on the list.

For further information about the individual gigs, audience recordings

and bootlegs please look under the according links below.

We also recommend you check the wonderful pages @Sisters Tours 1996.

Some statistics on the details of this tour can also be found

at The Sisters of Mercy Database v0.5 Beta/Roadkill.

Pre-Tour Warm-Up Gig

Helter Skelter Festivals - Announcement

Tour Schedule

Audience recordings exist for the events marked  ***

Band / Line-up