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Suikerrock Festival 2015, Groote Markt, Tienen (Tirlemont), Belgium

Feel the vibe, taste the sweetness ... was the motto of that years 3-day Suikerrock Festival in Tienen, Belgium.
The Sisters of Mercy had their slot on Day 2 (Saturday) from 10pm - 11pm.

Other acts on that day included the all-Belgian bands Willow, The Van Jets, The Subs, Magnus and, as headliners, Oscar and the Wolf.

The Sisters concert was accompanied by extensive Filmic Delights, this time consisting of excerpts from movies like Ichi The Killer, Gamera, The Street Fighter, Ghost Busters, Naked Killer etc

Some lovely photos from the gig and around can be found here... For reviews, links to more videos, photos, and everything please check the according thread @Heartland Forums from around here ... or for the German speaking crowds here.

The concert was recorded. An audience recording is in circulation among the fanbase, see GOOD THINGS REV 2 and also
GOOD THINGS REV 2 (DVD and BluRay) and Suikerrock 2015 (DVD).

Crash And Burn - The Sisters of Mercy @Suikerrock, 01.08.2015
Body Electric - The Sisters of Mercy @Suikerrock, 01.08.2015
Police Car - Cover by The Sisters of Mercy, 01.08.2015


First And Last And Always - Suikerrock, 01.08.2015
originally by Larry Wallis

Some further videos

Misirlou - The Sisters of Mercy @Suikerrock, 01.08.2015
Flood II - The Sisters of Mercy @Suikerrock, 01.08.2015
Temple Of Love - The Sisters of Mercy @Suikerrock 2015

The Sisters of Mercy @Suikerrock, 01.08.2015 - full show
- A joint production by Sisterstekland, Joy and DocSommer -

  Band / Line-up

  • Andrew Eldritch - vocals

  • Ben Christo - guitars, backing vocals

  • Chris Catalyst - guitars, backing vocals

  • Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass

  • Ravey Davey - nurse

Our thanks go to all the dedicated contributors of these wonderful videos.

Check their channels for more ...