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Sound Comparison

Further observations

  • The up and down turning of the speed in Floorshow (seconds 6 to 7) on the present item, the Complete BBC Radio One Sessions Box,
and likewise on the Gimme Shelter LP, suggests that the source of these two bootlegs was the same and very likely a different one to that of the other bootlegs.
  • On most of the bootlegs mentioned here, some songs are cut, which is clearly audible on Heartland and No Time To Cry.
Sometimes songs get cut on LPs because time available for one record side is limited to about 22 minutes
and going beyond this limit would result in decreased sound quality.
Side 2 of the Psychedelic Sessions 1986 LP, for example, has a total playing time of 23:15 minutes,
which might be the reason why the beginning of No Time To Cry is cut from that record.
  • On the present item all songs appear in full length.

Robertundbobi (talk) 19:00, 28 December 2018 (UTC)