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This Is This
Beluga Pop
12" Promo (Surgery)

Another incarnation of James Ray... the band formed after the dissolution of James Rays Gangwar.


  • the slightly different "mK Ultra" stands for another band and does not refer to "The MK Ultra".
  • Both are presumably named after Project MKULTRA, a truth serum project developed by the CIA after World War Two.

The MK Ultra issued two albums on The Sisters' label Merciful Release:

  • 1994 - This Is This, Catalogue# - MREL002 / MFR133-1816242
    In the run-up of This Is This, still in 1993 and under the label of Surgery, a 12" vinyl promo titled Third Generation / F.U.C.K. was launched.
  • 1995 - Beluga Pop,
    Catalogue# - MREL003 / RTD133.3052.2

For other releases by James Ray see our James Ray Discography

and above all James Ray's Official Website/MK Ultra..., where all tracks by The MK Ultra are available for a listen.

A Few Vids

One from each release ...

The MK Ultra - This Is This
The MK Ultra - Beluga Pop - Three Minutes To Mars
The MK Ultra - F.U.C.K.