Thu, 14-Sep-2017

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Klub B90 Logo.jpg
Web Announcement for the 2017 Shows in Poland

  Klub B90, Gdańsk (Danzig), Poland

  The first of two gigs in Poland during the Sisters 2017 Tour.

  This was the very first concert of The Sisters of Mercy

  in the city of Gdansk.

  The Membranes opened the show.

  First reviews should soon surface here @The Heartland Forums.

The Sisters of Mercy - Crash And Burn - Gdansk, Poland, 14/09/17

  This is, btw, also the place where you can leave your comments,

  if you have seen the show ... ;-) ...

   Band / Line-up

   Andrew Eldritch - vocals

   Chris Catalyst - guitars, backing vocals

   Ben Christo - guitars, backing vocals

   Doktor Avalanche - drums, bass, keyboards

   Ravey Davey - nurse to The Doktor

The Sisters of Mercy - Body And Soul - Gdansk, Poland, 14/09/17


- uncomfirmed, but very likely the same as mostly during this tour -

The Sisters of Mercy - Dominion / Mother Russia - Gdansk, Poland, 14/09/17

The Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing - Gdansk, Poland, 14/09/17

Our thanks go to the dedicated contributors

of the wonderful videos here.

Check their channels and you will definitely find more great treasures...

The Sisters of Mercy - Lucretia, My Reflection - Gdansk, Poland, 14/09/17
The Sisters of Mercy - Temple Of Love - Gdansk, Poland, 14/09/17