Wed, 23-Nov-2011

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X-tra, Zurich, Switzerland

Sisters Live News 2011.jpg

During Part II of their 30th Stage Anniversary Tour in 2011, The Sisters of Mercy

came over Ireland, London, Norway (Bergen, Oslo) and Sweden (Gothenburg, Lund, Stockholm) for two gigs to Switzerland ...

Reviews and everything about this first of the two Swiss gigs here at X-tra, can be found in the according thread on Heartland Forum ...

An audience recording from the show does exist, see X-TRA ZÜRICH 2011.
Thanks to lasyboylive, a video of the full show can be watched here or on YT, see also X-TRA ZÜRICH 2011 (DVD).


  • Crash And Burn - watch it on YT
    The Sisters of Mercy, X-tra Zurich, 23 November 2011 - Full Show -

First Encore

Second Encore