Before The Flood (cassette)

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Before The Flood - Cassette Cover

A cassette bootleg with various demo versions.

Release Notes

  • Label: MG Records
  • Catalogue#: MG 1597
  • Format: Cassette
  • Date and place of release: 1992 (Poland)


  • A bootleg CD with the same title does exist as well.
  • Since the latter was released in 1990, it can well be
    the origin of the tracks on the present cassette.


Before The Flood - Cassette Side A

Track List

Side A Duration
A1   Valentine    4:18
A2   Body Politic    2:47
A3   Lights    5:19
A4   Anaconda    3:03
A5   Driver    3:18
A6   Good Things                                                                 3:58
A7   Phantom    3:02
A8   Burn    2:52
Before The Flood - Track List on Cover

Side B Duration
B1   Kiss The Carpet    5:31
B2   Valentine #2    4:11
B3   Floorshow    3:17
B4   Lights    5:19
B5   Teachers / Adrenochrome                                               6:53
B6   The Damage Done    2:58
B7   Watch    3:09