Berlin Im Frühjahr

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An audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's XXX 30th Stage Anniversary Tour in 2011.

Berlin Im Frühjahr - Fanbase-produced cover art (front)

Recording Notes

  • Taper: J.S.
  • Lineage:
    --> SP-CMC-8 Cardoids
    --> SP-SPSB-11 BBox
    --> Edirol R09-HR
    --> Mastering in Adobe Audition
  • Recording Position: Balcony
  • Format: Data files (MP3 - 224 kbps VBR / FLACs) or CD-r
  • Circulated: March 2011


  • Very good sound quality
  • Thanks to Heartland Forum member Yggdrasil for the cover art.
    (Please click into picture for larger view ...)


Note: This recording is for personal use only and by no means for sale or other abuse !!!

Track List

Alternative self-made cover art (front)