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Claire Shearsby has been active as a DJ and producer in Leeds music scene since the late 1970s.

From the beginning, she was involved in the famous F-Club events which took place in various venues in Leeds.

According to the Some Girls Wander By Mistake album cover, Andrew Eldritch, when he had moved to Leeds to learn Chinese

... was living above the chemist (as The Mekons put it) with Claire and Spiggy The Cat ...

Claire Shearsby was also involved in the recordings of tracks for various local / Merciful Release bands,

for example Salvation's A Stitch In Time (flexi) ... and La Costa Rasa's Autopilot album

For some offical record of her own releases and involvements in other releases see her discography @discogs

Most recently in Sisters Chronology, Claire Shearsby did the aftershow DJing for

the 30th Stage Anniversary Shows on 16th February 2011 and 17th February 2011

at Leeds Metropolitan University Students' Union.

 *** There is - of course - also a thread of info and rumours about Claire @The Heartland Forums...