Thu, 17-Feb-2011

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... handed out by the loveliest hands ...

The Stage, Leeds Metropolitan University Students' Union, Leeds, UK

The second night of The Sisters' Birthday Gigs at Leeds Met ...

and the second gig of The Sisters XXX Tour.

The loveliest cupcakes ...

Like on the evening before, there were fire artists at the doors and
everybody received a cupcake and a set of postcards on entrance.

The support act on Day 2 was David Thomas And Two Pale Boys
And again the Aftershow Party DJing was done by Claire Shearsby.

Just like on the day before, The Sisters of Mercy played two new cover songs - Gift That Shines and Pipeline.

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  • Our thanks for the photos go to hellboy69 and dtsom.



The Sisters' Setlist

Amphetamine Logic
Guest List Pass
Rain From Heaven

First Encore

Second Encore

Some photos from the gig

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2011 02 17 4.jpg
2011 02 17 5.jpg
2011 02 17 6.jpg
2011 02 17 1.jpg
2011 02 17 2.jpg
2011 02 17 3.jpg

Our thanks for these pictures go to Heartland Forum member Norman Hunter ... :-))) ...

Full Show Video

  • with many thanks to sisterstekland ...

The Sisters of Mercy @Leeds Metropolitan University, 17 February 2011 - Full Show