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As Gary Marx and Andrew Eldritch spent regularly a good part of their time at F-Club events,

this is somewhat the virtual place of foundation of The Sisters of Mercy, and of course they played there as well.

1981 F-Club at Brannigan's Logo.jpg

The Sisters of Mercy @F Club

- most likely far from complete -

1981 F-Club at Tiffany's Logo.jpg

The F-Club or F Club, later renamed into Fan Club was a series of musical events in Leeds music scene of the late 1970s / early 1980s,

founded by Leeds promoter John Keenan. Here is a link to his website featuring lists of all F-Club events for the years 1977-1979.

From March 1981 on, F-Club events took place regulary on Sundays at Tiffany's, Merrion Centre, Leeds, while Thursdays were earmarked for F-Club gigs ar Brannigans.

A recent feature in the most gorgeous online magazine The Quietus by Mark Andrews on November 17th, 2016 has, among others, F-Club founder John Keenan talk at length

about the location, the Leeds music scene of the time and The Sisters of Mercy in particular. It also includes in-depth accounts from Andrew Eldritch and several other F-Club regulars,

see Life Before Alice: Andrew Eldritch, Leeds & The Birth of The Sisters of Mercy.

For a more concise but thorough history of how it all came to the F Club, we recommend you to check this conversation page...

In an interview with BBC Radio Leeds in 2007, John Keenan described the F-Club in short as follows:

... it was a moveable feast - starting out at Leeds Polytechnic and then at a variety of different venues
throughout the city between 1977-82. Just where the next club night would be held was passed on by
word of mouth, and if you were lucky enough to get in you'd have seen some of the best local bands ...

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  • An interview by northnights.co.uk with John Keenan from 2003 can be found here