Colours In Carnage (Test Pressing)

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Colours In Carnage  - Test Pressing (overview)

A test pressing for the Colours In Carnage 2LP bootleg, a live bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's 1984 Black October Tour.

Attention: This bootleg and its test pressing should not be mixed up with the Palazzograssi project PG 05 with the somewhat similar title
     The Colour And The Carnage which, unfortunately, has never seen the light of day.

Colours In Carnage  - Test Pressing - Runout Side A

Release & Production Notes

  • Manufacturers: - unknown -
  • Production Order#: most likely 10725
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinyl LP
  • Running speed: 33rpm
  • Pressed: October 2003
  • Runouts: 10725 - A to D


  • The vinyls are black with basically plain white labels and come
in generic white inner sleeves with a white cardboard die-cut cover.
  • Sides A and C of the labels are handmarked by with the date “29.10.03”
to all likeliness indicating the date of the pressing.


Track List

Side One Side Two Side One Side Two
A1   Burn B1   No Time To Cry C1   Floorshow D1   Knockin' On Heaven's Door
A2   Heartland B2   Anaconda C2   Alice D2   Adrenochrome
A3   Burn B3   Emma C3   Body Electric       D3   Ghostrider / Sister Ray
A4   Marian       B4   A Rock And A Hard Place                               C4   Gimme Shelter                              
A5   Walk Away                              B5   Train

Additional Pictures

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Colours In Carnage  - Test Pressing
- Record 1 (Side A)
Colours In Carnage  - Test Pressing
- Record 1 (Side B)
Colours In Carnage  - Test Pressing
- Record 2 (Side A)
Colours In Carnage  - Test Pressing
- Record 2 (Side B)