Demos And Remixes

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Demos And Remixes Cover (front)
Demos And Remixes - Disc

A compilation CD of demos and remixes, as evidenced by the name, released in 1993..

The songs from this CD can be found among others on the

LPs The Incredible History Of The Sisters - Vol 1

and The Incredible History Of The Sisters - Vol 2

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown
  • Catalogue #: SOMCD 57
  • Format: CD
  • Time of Release: 1993 (manufactured in Sweden)
  • Limited edition of 1,000 copies


Demos And Remixes - CD Cover (back)
  1. This Corrosion (Long Mix)
  2. Lucretia, My Reflection (Remix)
  3. Marian (Japan Version)
  4. No Time To Cry (Alternative Mix)
  5. Burn (Demo)
  6. Anaconda (Outtake)
  7. Afterhours (Demo)
  8. Dance On Glass (Demo)
  9. Heartland (Demo)
  10. Jolene (Demo)
  11. Body Electric (Session)
  12. Valentine (Demo)
  13. Floorshow (Demo)
  14. Dominion-Mother Russia (Eldritch Mix)
  15. A Rock And A Hard Place (Alternative Version)