Fri, 02-Oct-1981

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Brannigan's, F Club, Leeds, England

One of The Sisters of Mercy's gigs within the F-Club series in Leeds... basically ...

A3 Announcement Poster - hand-made by the Screaming ab-dabs -

However, since F-Club organiser John Keenan noted that F-Club events at Brannigans

ran until May 1981 only, it is questionable, whether he really was the promotor here

and whether this was indeed an F-Club event. Anyway, rumour has it that only a dozen

people were at the gig, which makes it ever less likely that J Keenan organised the gig

as part of his F-Club events. There is also no recording from that gig.

The Sisters of Mercy performed with Screaming ab-dabs as support act that night,

who reportedly also created that lovely advert on the right side...

The latter band, which was based in Wakefield, is known for a few gigs around Leeds at the time.

In order to avoid being confused with other bands of a similar name they changed their name

to The Flowers of Evil. In 1982, their first (and only known) 7" single was released under the title

First Blood. Recordings and production had taken place at Kenny Giles Studios in Bridlington

and rumour has it that Andrew Eldritch was involved in the first basic production processes.

Flowers of Evil (formerly the Screaming ab-dabs) - First Blood (1982)

Any further information is very welcome.


- in unconfirmed order and possibly incomplete -