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Vanbrugh College, York, England

February 5th, 1982 - Vanbrugh College, York University
The Sisters of Mercy on stage consisting of Marx, Spiggy and John

There is not much known about this gig.

The sharp-sighted fanbase @Heartland Forums have, however, detected

this snippet of information from Post Punk Diary 1980-1982 by George Gimarc:

February 5, 1982 Friday:
Sisters of Mercy are seen playing live by X. Moore, who writes up a description

of the goth band for the readers of NME.

"This is York. City of red skins and blue collar rockers. This is a gig to be part of. Nice one. Sisters of Mercy's rhythm guitarist is in detention at school in Leeds. We wait for the little terror at the University. He looks about seven and the singer looks great. The bassist smells like he's just come from the 3 Johns. Spot the Mekon! Spiggy sings sommat about '69. Northerner takes detour through Detroit. This the MC5 of what? The Sisters go funky, Spigg hangs on like an unwanted junkie - some f**king nun! The music is all broken guitar strings and cracked voices. Pop! This is rock and roll insecticide. Skinny rent boys play scratchy guitar. Nice one. Sisters of Mercy slap and slam, the audience clap and cram the dancefloor. The Sisters whip out the single ("Body Electric"), flash both sides ("Adrenochrome") and the dancers call for more poison."

From this review and from the press snippet on the right, it comes clear that for this gig Jon Langford temporarily stepped in for Craig Adams on bass,
who had taken on a job as a photographer's assistent in the Canary Islands and was not available at the time.

For the full, most remarkable press article featured in Melody Maker February 27th, 1982 see this and this lovely post @The Heartland Forums ... :-)))

Other acts on that day were The Plainsmen and the Trains To Europe ...




- This concert was not recorded, so the setlist is incomplete -

Thanks to Heartland Forum member dtsom and other kind donators we can also present you with what are most likely the oldest Sisters flyers available ... :-))) ...

- Please click into the files for even larger views ... ;-)) ... -

Announcement Flyer
Announcement Flyer
Press Review