Fri, 25-Mar-1983

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The Golden Eagle - Venue Emblem

The Golden Eagle, Birmingham, England

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Spring Tour of the UK in 1983.

There is hardly anything known about The Sisters performance on this event.

The concert was, however, mentioned in the BBC Radio Kid Jenson Show

broadcast on 10 and 11 March 1983, which featured The Sisters of Mercy.

Some further information about the venue, the gig, the surrounding circumstances

plus a few more photos are nicely compiled under Crash And Brum

in the lovely blog "I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan"...


Announcement Poster


- unknown -
  the below tracks are what The Sisters of Mercy used to play at gigs of that time
  and are listed only to give you an idea -

  • Our thanks for the picture of the announcement poster go to Heartland Forum member Mav787.