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"Do The Apocalypso" - Interview with the NME,
Issue from December 1982

Imperial College, London, England

Not much has been known about this gig, though it is mentioned in the NME interview with the band,

here on the right side. The interview was issued in December 1982 and is titled "Do The Apocalypso".

Its main topic is, however, the release of the Alice single shortly after the present gig in November 1982

  The double A-side single ’Alice’/‘Floorshow’ is a devastating scream.
  A follow up to the highly acclaimed ‘Body Electric’ and their best forgotten debut,
  it’s the purest expression of the Sisters’ promise so far. They insist, though, that
  this is only one side of them.

  “We regard records and live performances as being two different aspects of the whole thing.
  Each can be taken on their own, to really understand what the band is trying to do, you have
  to see both sides.“

  At London’s Imperial College, in front of an unsuspecting crowd of students, they expose the live wire.
  Where the records restrain the power, the live sound takes it to almost ridiculous levels, as the band
  teeters on the edge of parody.

  Andrew, starved and spindly, coils around the mike, Craig affects disinterest and rolls out an ominous
  wash of bass, and Ben looks bemused. The drum machine cuts through the top of your head.
  The audience becomes a mix of bouncing psychobillies, restrained consideration and open antagonism.

  "We always do that to audiences, there’s always the three distinct groups.
  We always get cut and dried reactions.”

  My reaction? The Sisters of Mercy are not the answer but they make an invigorating antidote.
  My advice to you? See them!
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