In The Shadow Of Angels

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In The Shadow Of Angels - Cover (front)

The ninth Palazzograssi bootleg ...

  • Catalogue #: PG 09
  • Format: LP
  • Released: 1992


  • The vinyls have plain white labels
  • Track B6 is not listed on the cover.
  • An additional Edition exists: a box-set with T-Shirt limited to 5 copies (see pictures down below)

Most of the tracks on here appear as well on the Wide Receiver bootleg CD,

which has the same cover art as this vinyl LP. However, a better picture of this cover were very much appreciated ...

For recent price developments see sisters bootlegs/In The Shadow Of Angels...

Track List

In The Shadow Of Angels - Vinyl, white labels
Side One Side Two
A1   Wide Receiver B1   A Rock And A Hard Place
A2   Walk Away B2   Black Planet
A3   Red Skies Disappear                               B3   Marian
A4   No Time To Cry B4   Candle
A5   Fix B5   Temple Of Love
B6   Poison Door


Track    A1 Unreleased Demo
Tracks  A2 - A4               Demo Versions
Track    A5 "Graig Adams" [sic] vocal version. Satanic poetry recited over Fix's bassline
Tracks           B1 - B3 "Karaoke Versions" (instrumentals, tinny sound)
Track    B4 Instrumental version of Driver
Track    B5 Demo (allegedly)
Track    B6 Live version by Ghost Dance, London 29/11/1985

Additional Pictures

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In The Shadow Of Angels - 12" vinyl Cover (back)
In The Shadow Of Angels - Ltd. to 5 copies box set
In The Shadow Of Angels - Box set (content)