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An Italian bootleg label that released several high-quality bootlegs featuring The Sisters of Mercy.

This label was quite active during the first half of the 1990ies. See their further output here on Discogs ...

Trans-Europe Excess
The Neon Dream
Out In The Dark


 Title   Catalogue#   Format   Released   Content   Remarks 
  The Neon Dream    KTS021   CD   1991 (Italy)     August 25th, 1991 - Reading Festival, Reading, UK  
  Trans-Europe Excess    KTS 068   CD   1992 (Italy)     May 17th, 1985 - Kolingsborg Club, Stockholm, Sweden  
  Napalm Gods    KTS 095   CD   1992 (Italy)     August 28th, 1983 - Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands     CD 1 of box set
  Kiss The Blade    KTS096   CD   1992 (Italy)     May 29th, 1984 - Hunky Dory, Detmold, Germany     CD 2 of box set
  Holocaust    KTS 097   CD   1992 (Italy)     June 18th, 1985 - Royal Albert Hall, London, UK   CD 3 of box set
  So Dark All Over Europe      KTS095, KTS096, KTS097     3 x CD Box Set     1992 (Italy)     Live recordings of gigs from 1983, 1984 and 1985   The boxset includes a poster.  
  Out In The Dark    KTS103   CD   1992 (Italy)     June 13th, 1992 - Go Bang! Festival, Berlin, Germany  

Napalm Gods
Kiss The Blade
So Dark All Over Europe - Box Set