Learning To Cry

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Learning To Cry - Cover (back) - obviously a self-made CD-r

Apart from the title nothing is known about the origin this bootleg.

Probably, it's an audience recording on CD-r with homemade cover art.

We have found the cover art for this recording by now. (Please click into the files for larger views.)

It supports quite convincingly the idea that this is be a self-made bootleg consisting of 2 x CD-r.


Learning To Cry - Cover (front) - obviously a self-made CD-r


Disc 1 'Disc 2
1*  Afterhours (Intro). 1*  Under The Gun.
2*  Comfortably Numb / Some Kind Of Stranger. 2*  Amphetamine Logic.
3*  Ribbons. 3*  Flood II.
4*  Train / Detonation Boulevard. 4*  This Corrosion.
5*  Alice. 5*  Kiss The Carpet.
6*  Giving Ground. 6*  First And Last And Always.
7*  Anaconda. 7*  Temple Of Love.
8*  Come Together.
9*  On The Wire / Teachers / On The Wire.                                
10*  More.