M'era Luna Festival 2022

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M'era Luna Festival 2022 - CD Cover (front)
M'era Luna Festival 2022 - CD Cover Front (inlay)

An MP3 compilation based on various audience video recordings from The Sisters of Mercy's performance at M'era Luna Festival 2022 in Germany during the summer festivals of the International Treasure Tour 2022.

Recording Notes

  • Tapers: various YT video uploaders
  • Format: data (MP3s) or CD-r
  • Lineage:
YT video sources --> Youtube to MP4 Converter
--> MP3 --> track splitting
  • Audio extraction and conversion: Planet Dave
  • Circulated: August 2022


  • Made by fans for fans, very incomplete.
  • Cover Art: Planet Dave


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M'era Luna Festival 2022 CD Cover (back)

Track List

                        Original Video Tapers