Mechanised Cologne

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Mechanised Cologne - CD Cover (front)
Mechanised Cologne - CD Cover (back)

Mechanised Cologne - Disc Lightscribe

Two versions of an audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's 2009 Mechanised Europe Tour.

Available Release Notes

  • Taper: thingo169 / dtsom
  • Format: data files (FLACs or one-track WAV) or CD-r
  • Equipment:
Zoom H4 Recorder --> looped to M51 -- WAV
  • Photos: Wrecker
  • Total Running Time: 79:05 min.
  • Circulated: 2009 / 2023

Cover Remarks

  • This is an audience recording for free trade only!!! Don't sell it, don't buy it
  • An "eBay prohibited" symbol is also on the cover.


Track List

Mechanised Cologne - Front Inlay (complete)