Mon, 04-Oct-1982

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Info about the Psychedelic Furs gig
Wooden Advertising Panel from Sherrys

Sherry's, Brighton, England

Support act with The Psychedelic Furs

This concert is listed in the official Sisters Gigography.

A recording or any other stuff from the events

was, however, not available for a long time.

So, for your entertainment, we've displayed two artefacts

from the venue here on the right side, ... ;-)...

In 2022, eventually, some accounts of this concert and the

circumstances around it got featured in the lovely blog

I Was A Teenage Sisters Of Mercy Fan under the entry

Sussex and drugs and rock'n'roll, where a few further pictures

can be seen and from where we thankfully snipped the announcement of the Psychedelic Fur's gig here on the right.

This article is a stub and is in need of expansion

Old Flyer for events at Sherrys


Sadly, the setlist is yet unknown.

To all likeliness, it consisted of something like

the following tracks: