Postcards From Above The Chemist

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Postcards From Above The Chemist - Hardback Edition (front)

The one and only official lyrics book of The Sisters of Mercy,

featuring the lyrics written by Andrew Eldritch between 1982 and 1985.

Release Notes

  • Full title: Postcards From Above The Chemist - Volume One
  • Catalogue#: RHX040
  • First Published: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England (1992)
  • Edited by Ian Clenshaw, ℗ THE REPTILE HOUSE LTD.
  • Typeset in Caslon Antique by Polaris, Leeds


  • Issued as hardcover version and a paperback version.
  • In the centre of the book, the hardcover version includes prints from the colour plates
of all the singles covers and the album cover by The Sisters of Mercy
between 1982 and 1985, © The Sisters of Mercy
  • The hardcover version is a numbered limited edition of 1.200 copies
and has an according stamp on the first inner side.
  • It comes with a book jacket and a marker in the same grey fabric as the book case.
  • Both issues include 17 b/w illustrations by Andrea White, © Eldritch Boulevard,
one of which is used for the cover or the jacket, resp.
  • The actual cover of the hardcover version has a circle in golden colour printed
on the upper half with the title running as an outline font around the centre:

  • Six of the aforementioned illustrations were also used for a set of postcards sold at the time
of the book release and possibly coming as a bonus with the first issues, the latter being subject to confirmation.

Postcards From Above The Chemist - Paperback Edition (front)


  • Lyrics (in order of their first release):
- Alice - Floorshow - (MR 015 - November 1982)
- Anaconda - (MR 019 - March 1983)
- Kiss The Carpet - Lights - Valentine - Fix - Burn - (The Reptile House EP / MR 023 - May 1983)
- Temple Of Love - Heartland - (MR 027 - October 1983)
- Body And Soul - Train - Body Electric - Afterhours - (MR 029 - May 1984)
- Walk Away - On The Wire - (MR 033 - Octobber 1984)
- No Time To Cry - Blood Money - Bury Me Deep - (MR 335T - February 1985)
- Black Planet - A Rock And A Hard Place - Marian - First And Last And Always
  Possession - Nine While Nine - Amphetamine Logic - Some Kind Of Stranger
  (First And Last And Always / MR 337L - March 1985)

  • Epilogue

About The Author Andrew Eldritch read a lot of stuff, studied French and German at Oxford University, heard the first Pere Ubu album and took al lot of drugs, studied Chinese at Leeds University, and kicked it all in the head when he found himself in a rock'n' roll band.

Andrew Eldritch lives in heaven. His hobbies include talking to God and Go-Go-Dancing.

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