Sat, 10-Jul-1982

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Newspaper Announcement

Zig Zag Club, London, England, UK

One of the early shows of the 1980ies, when The Sisters of Mercy

were not yet all that famous and had started touring the UK.

In the present case they performed together with Play School

as support acts with the The Birthday Party.

This is one of the first fully recorded concerts by The Sisters,

so a Live Bootleg of this show does exist and is

in circulation among the fanbase.

Membership Card / Ticket

The Sisters of Mercy - Alice - zig Zag Club, London 10/07/82
- still video thanks to spiggytapes 


Lots of further information about this concert including many pictures and background details can be found in the wonderful

I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan Blog under The first "Alice" ? Zig Zag Club London July 1982.