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Gazi Music Hall Marquee welcoming The Sisters of Mercy
Gazi Music Hall.jpg

Gazi Music Hall, Athens, Greece

The Sisters of Mercy returning to Athens after six years since 2009...

and the first rescheduled gig of the UK&Europe October Tour 2015.

Support act: Mani Deum

Reviews, pictures and links to more photos and videos can be found

at The Heartland Forums ...

An audience MP3-audio compilation of good sound quality drawn from various videos is

in circulation among the fanbase, see also Gazi Music Hall 2015.

More - 06.12.2015
Announcement Poster


Amphetamine Logic / Alice - 06.12.2015
First And Last And Always (part) / Temple Of Love - 06.12.2015

First Encore

Second Encore

Band / Line-up

A few pictures ...

Entrance Gazi Music Hall - Photo by Thanasis Karatzas
Audience @Gaza Music Hall - Photo by Stelios Palamidas
Ben Christo and Andrew Eldritch - Photo by Anastacia Papadaki
Setlist Athens 2015
- Photo by Thanasis Karatzas
Chris Catalyst Athens 2015
- Photo by Costas Broumas
Andrew Eldritch Athens 2015
- Photo by Costas Broumas
Ben Christo Athens 2015
- Photo by Anastacia Papadaki

... and more videos

- eventually, some great sound here, some wonderful footage there - enjoy !!! -

Ribbons - 06.12.2015
Crash And Burn - 06.12. 2015
Body Electric - 06.12.2015
Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard and Body Electric
Arms, No Time To Cry and Gift That Shines - 06.12. 2015
Dominion/Mother Russia - 06.12. 2015
Summer, Jihad, Valentine and Flood II - 06.12. 2015
Something Fast, Lucretia, My Reflection and Vision Thing
Temple Of Love and This Corrosion - 06.12. 2015

Our thanks go to all the dedicated contributors of these wonderful pictures and videos.

Check their channels and you will find more great treasures...