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Golden Summernight Festival 1984 - Announcement Poster

Loreley Amphitheatre, St. Goarshausen, West Gemany

The first time, The Sisters of Mercy played a Loreley Festival in St. Goarshausen, Germany.

For the second time they returned as headliners during their GoBang Festival series on 20th June 1992.

There are no further details known about this gig.

However, thanks to the kind people on Heartland Forum we have been able

to find the announcement poster you see on the right and the few photos further down.


- not known -

A few photos from the gig

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Andrew Eldritch on stage at the Golden Summernight Festival on Loreley 1984
1984 09 09 Loreley Festival 3.jpg
1984 09 09 Loreley Festival 1.jpg
1984 09 09 Loreley Festival 2.jpg

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