Suzanna Josefowicz

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Suzanne Josefowicz on stage with The Sisters of Mercy at Kapfenberg Festival 1991.
She did not contribute to any release, but can be heard on the bootleg recordings of her time.

Suzanna Josefowicz, often misspelled as Suzanne Josevowicz or Suzanne Josesowicz

replaced Dan Donovan on keyboards and did background vocals during the live shows

for The Sisters of Mercy's early 1990s tours.

She accompanied the band during the following tours:

Suzanna Josefowicz

After these tours she left The Sisters of Mercy.

As a guest musician, Suzanna Josefowicz has also contributed

keyboards and background vocals to the Boaphenia album

by Phillip Boa And The Voodoo Club,

which was released in 1993.